Pizza Hut says Web Loyalty scam “provides value to customers”

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Given the recent spotlight put on web based “incentive” programs, I thought I’d share what I heard from Pizza Hut when I asked about this very topic back in September.

On September 19, I was having my typical Saturday night at home and decided to order pizza for dinner. Since Papa Johns doesn’t deliver to my area and Dominoes is well..Dominoes, I went with Pizza Hut. Standard operating procedure, I ordered the pizza and afterward, I was “qualified” to sign up for some scheme or another. I didn’t take a screenshot so I can’t remember which. I was annoyed enough by it to tweet about it since I knew Pizza Hut was at least paying some attention on twitter:

@pizzahut Can you find out why Pizza Hut maintains a business relationship with a known scamming company (

Pizza Hut wasn’t going to explain itself in public and responded:

@EricaJoy If you would like to send me an DM with your contact information, I would be happy to follow up. Thanks

I sent them my e-mail address via DM and they responded:

I'm working on getting the correct information for you from our web team. I will email as soon as possible.Turns out that correct information was a carefully crafted email response claiming that “the Web Loyalty program provides value to customers at a time when they need it most.” To quote Amy Poehler, REALLY?

Here is the full text of Pizza Huts email response:

Hi Erica,

Thank you for your question.

The Web Loyalty program provides value to customers at a time when they need it most. Pizza Hut customers who are members of the program receive $10 cash back every month and that’s just one example of many companies and services that offer discounts and specials through the program. To enroll, our customers complete a three-step opt-in process upon checking out online. If at any time they wish to discontinue membership or if they feel that they inadvertently signed-up, customers can call 1-800-889-8776 for a full refund.


Alexa Robinson
Pizza Hut

Now, forgive me, but I don’t fully believe this. Why would Pizza Hut claim this scam is good for consumers even after its been targeted for a Senate investigation and settled a class action lawsuit for potentially hundreds of millions?

Well apparently there are up to 10 million reasons why Pizza Hut keeps it around. Ah, the almighty dollar wins over consumers again. While Pizza Hut falsely claims that these scams are valuable for customers, in reality, they are most valuable for Pizza Hut, customers be damned.

Remember that next time you’re ordering pizza. Frankly, I’ll be ordering from Pizza California. They’re local and they don’t try to scam me for the sake of their bottom line. Their Gold Rush pizza is pretty damn good too.

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