HB Day 0: Tomorrow, we dance.

We will be doing this dance, specifically:

Tomorrow is my first day at Hackbright Academy.

People keep asking me if I’m nervous. Quite honestly, I am not, but that’s not to say I wouldn’t normally be. I’ve just had too much other emotional stress going on over the past month to have room to feel nervous. I’ve used up all my emotional reserves, if that makes any sense.

People also keep asking if I’ve heard about the CaBPPE business. Answer? Yes. My thoughts? Quite honestly, I don’t understand the BPPE’s goals here, but then I probably don’t have all the information. Regardless, it hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm to attend Hackbright in the slightest, and I hope everything gets sorted out. I have more thoughts, but I’m going to save them for another post (here is where I am supposed to encourage you to subscribe to…something…right?).

Moving on.

I am going to attempt to keep a fairly regular account of my time at Hackbright, because it’s important to document the important stuff and also because people have asked me to. I’m not going to commit to daily posting because the first day I’m too busy writing actual code to post here, I’ll feel guilty, and we don’t want that. I will try though. I might even do some days in video form. Maybe. Maybe.

Until tomorrow…or some day in the near future.

P.S. Unrelated to Hackbright, look at this:

Prelude> map (+1) [1..5]

Do you see that [1..5] business? That is a Texas Range in Haskell. Texas Ranges are awesome. Also I choose to believe that Texas Ranges are named that way because while Haskell was being developed, someone was like “this range needs a name” and someone else said “LET’S CALL IT A TEXAS RANGE!” as a joke (because, lol, Texas Rangers, right?), and it stuck. So.


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